Here’s what some of her clients have to say about their styling experience with Laura:

On our first shopping trip, I was overwhelmed. There we were, Laura and I, picking, tossing, deciding what clothes to bring into the dressing room. I acted as her ‘assistant’ as Laura took charge and handed me piece after piece. “ I want you to try this on. I have a vision.” I was skeptical. She was steadfast. It was not until I was actually in the clothes, looking at myself in the mirror saying with astonishment “Damn. That looks good,” that I realized what a gift she has. Watching her work is fascinating; she is a woman on mission, someone who knows exactly what will look good, will not stop until she discovers the perfect piece, and is not afraid to tell you what isn’t working. No apologies. She has an eye for things that most people cannot see. And that mixed with her professionalism and magnetic energy is enough to keep you coming back. I wouldn’t trust my wardrobe with anyone else.


Shauna G., beauty consultant

I had forgotten how empowering and fun it is to feel confident in your clothes. Laura immediately identified the missing elements in my wardrobe and reminded me how to use what I already had to it’s fullest. She’s got a great eye and is so much fun to work with.


Leah N., copywriter

Laura has done wonders for my sense of style! When I first decided to request her services, I was nervous; I knew my wardrobe wasn’t serving me well, but my clothes are closely tied with my self-identity and I didn’t want to lose that. I shouldn’t have worried; Laura is a master at sussing out her clients’ individual styles. We got rid of everything that wasn’t working for me, and she taught me how to find affordable pieces that fill out the gaps in my closet. Getting dressed in the morning has never been easier, and I leave my house each day knowing that I’m in control of the image I project to the world.



Jessica W., nurse practioner

Whether its advice for an event, a photo shoot or just revamping my wardrobe, Laura is my go-to for “all things styling”. She helped me add a little edge and modern style to my tired wardrobe, and the complements continue to pour in on a daily basis. The private consultation was a blast – hitting up some of the top retailers in the city and creating cool looks and hip outfits for every occasion. For the first time, I feel truly confident in the clothes I’m wearing. I always know I’m in good hands with Laura.


Roarke W., celebrity fitness pro


Before I met Laura, I thought I knew what I was doing style wise, but after a few sessions I realized I had taken some wrong turns. Since she came into my wardrobe, I’ve had so many people pay compliments about what I was wearing. There is a dress she chose for me this summer, and every time I’ve worn it, random people always compliment me! Waitresses, strangers at a wedding, and family members who haven’t spoken with me in years all felt the need to tell me how great I looked. Odd: perhaps. Awesome: definitely. I wear Laura’s choices when I want to feel good about myself.



Beth Ann L., creative director

Laura did a really good job of helping me find clothes that fit my style, but looked better than anything I was wearing of my own volition. Her assistance was instructive, kind, and never intrusive; I’ve gotten a lot of compliments when wearing the things she helped me pick out. I don’t like buying clothes, or wearing them, frankly, but my experience with Laura was actually fun, and I feel a lot better about the way I look.



Jonathan H., professor

Before my styling session with Laura I dressed in a way that didn’t always feel like me because I was trying to be trendy or cute. But she helped me learn how to enhance my own personality with what I wear. I am a short girl, but she taught me that that doesn’t mean I should always shop in the kids department and wear light pink and look like a child. I am a grown ass woman and dressing as one has helped me gain more respect in my carreer and in my life. Now I look at getting dressed every morning as an art project, putting together outfits has become a fun way for me to start the day. Her humor, and definitive yet very respectful opinions helped me come out of my shell and now every time I step out of the house I am confident with how I look and present myself.


Ronit A., actress

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